Replica Roger Dubuis watches price

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Replica Roger Dubuis watches price

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[market situation] 2017 is coming to an end, and the coming New Years day also indicates that the time lost in this year is gone. Whether you are satisfied with your performance or not, you cant stop the new year of 2018 coming soon. Its time to set a "small goal" for yourself. Before that, would you like a wristwatch to reward your hard work for a year, or to treat your relatives or friends who are with you and give you help? Recently, with the goal of year-end courtesy, we visited the Jijia store in Beijing Yintai Center, in a comfortable and peaceful environment. We have seen two simple and high-quality 2017 new timepieces, among which are master geographer Master Series watches to be introduced next. Next, lets take a look at the real thing. (wristwatch model: 1428530)

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The 18k rose gold sword edge pit pattern polished bezel is integrated with the same material case after wire drawing and polishing, presenting two different visual feelings of rose gold, which is very beautiful. The crown of the watch is engraved with the logo of Roger Duby, adding brand style to the watch.

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Beautiful movement design, equipped with the original three quarter plywood of grasoti, with grasoti rib decoration. The hollowed out automatic Tuo 21 K gold pendulum, after the edge chamfering process, presents a great visual enjoyment. The unique hollowed out original logo decoration of grasoti has a high brand recognition, which is very eye-catching and unique.

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