Replica Blancpain watches comment

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Replica Blancpain watches comment

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If its just because of diamonds, its not surprising. But in addition to the unique appearance, the performance and movement quality of an excellent watch must also be excellent. This watch uses the brands own manual on chain movement cal.5205, with more than 49 hours of power reserve function. Users can also experience the fun of mechanical watches through the on chain.

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"Ferrari" logo can be seen on one side of the case, which is decorated on the classic "sandwich structure" case with bright bright bright red, showing the fashion style of Ferrari racing car.

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On the black round dial, the eye-catching Arabic numeral time mark echoes with the central big three needles, making the time indication more clear and intuitive. And the pointer and time scale are covered with night light part, so that time can be observed even in a dark environment. The 3-point position is equipped with a power storage display panel to remind the wearer of the energy storage of the watch. The calendar display window is set at the time mark position to add practical functions to the watch.

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