Replica Konstantin-Chaykin watches price

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Replica Konstantin-Chaykin watches price

Replica Longines watches price

Jiqi series is a classic series of watches launched by emperor in 2015. For this reason, the brand also held rock climbing challenges in different cities of the country the year before and last year in order to promote the exploration spirit of this watch, which shows that this watch plays an important role in the brand. It is worth mentioning that this wristwatch is a classic timepiece with the brands first self-produced movements. This landmark masterpiece makes Jiqi wristwatch essentially improve the function and accuracy of the tool watch. In addition, the design is novel, with the appearance of resolute style and attractive panel, it can be called the best on the wrist.

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One side of the case is made of fine steel crown. The logo of Longines watch is engraved on the top of the simple and classic crown. The anti-skid texture design around the crown ensures the operation feel and debugging accuracy of the watch. The simple white disk full of quality sense, the outer circle of track minute, Arabic numeral time scale, three-dimensional time scale and the central three pins set off each other, making the time indication clear and intuitive. 3 time mark position, with calendar display window, add connotation and style to the wristwatch.

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This is also a watch series of the ball physics observatory. Different from the previous one, it brings people a simple but not simple feeling. It is generous and decent, inheriting the brand watchmaking concept. It adopts the consistent pointer design and linear hour sign of integrators, which coincides with the contemporary urban atmosphere. The polished and polished independent ear gives a unique visual feeling. Whether its the crown or the case, you can see that the details of this watch are in place, exquisite and rich in connotation.

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