Replica Ulysse Nardin watches comment

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Replica Ulysse Nardin watches comment

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The brand new Bruner series wristwatch has natural and smooth lines, just like the design principle of the formal wristwatch. It is classic and stylish, and the details are personalized. The simple design basis of Bruner series is still selected for the wristwatch. At the same time, the radial sun texture is added to the wristwatch, which makes the wristwatch more complicated in simplicity. Like a plaid suit, it always has more personality and taste than the traditional simplest suit. This Bruner wristwatch, with blue face, has different meanings in different ethnic cultures. In Europe, blue generally represents loyalty, while in China, blue contains calm and rational meanings, so it conforms to the characteristics of mature men.

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The theme of this years series of dog year Zodiac watches of master of art of jiangshidanton is a cocker dog. As always, two core technologies of golden carving and enamel are used in jiangshidanton to create a sense of hierarchy and depth effect between dogs and flowers through semi embedded structure. As a Chinese Zodiac watch, of course, it should be integrated into the representative elements of Oriental culture. The leaves carved by the sculptor on the gold dial are the traditional flowers from China. The vivid Cocker Spaniel on the dial has a natural and clear texture under the fine decoration of the carving knife. Looking back, the tail is cocked up, and the right front paw is raised. Although it is static, it seems to feel free Of playing.

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As one of the Earls iconic series, limelight Gala, with its elegant and unique single surface ear shape, has created another big recognition design, presenting the smart and pure beauty on the wearers wrist. The silver white dial and the elegant black Roman numeral time mark are exquisite and generous, showing the retro charm. The Earls logo is located at the three time mark. The two needles in the center draw an elegant arc, which is full of charm.

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