Replica Ulysse Nardin watches how much is it

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Replica Ulysse Nardin watches how much is it

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3. Qingding 520: [May 20 (Saturday) - May 21 (Sunday)] Qingding 520, make a unique love token by hand. Beijing SKP card friends can sign up for the event with 5000 points. (the quota is limited, and it is only when the number is full) pay attention to the official wechat of SKP, and send "520" to register.

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In 2015, the brand launched 37 (model: 268655) and 40 (model: 116655) mm gold yachts to the market, which attracted extensive attention from table mates. The 40mm is equipped with the classic 3135 core of Rolex, while the 37mm is equipped with the small 2236 core that provides the same performance. Inheriting a number of excellent patent designs of Rolex, combining cool and fashionable black watch ring, gentle and full 18ct Eternal Rose Gold, and patent rubber watch band with strong performance, it can be rated as the best product on wrist of the year.

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The exquisite crown is engraved with the five-star logo of Zhenli, which gives the brand full style of logo. The anti-skid texture pattern is set around it, which is convenient for the adjustment of wristwatch. The upper and lower parts are timing start / pause, as well as the reset button, which together with the crown form the debugging device of the watch, with excellent operation hand feeling.

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