Replica Piaget watches price

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Replica Piaget watches price

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With typical German craftsmanship and introverted style, this classic and elegant series of parliamentarians recreates the unique personality of the brand. The wristwatch combines traditional design elements with mechanical complexity, presenting the essence of Saxonys watchmaking art of "pursuing perfection". As a master mechanical masterpiece integrating elegance, preciseness and innovation, this timepiece gives people a sense of satisfaction in function. It integrates central timing, 36 time zones (including half-hour and 3 / 4-hour different time zones) display devices, daylight saving time and standard time, small second hand (eccentric), stop second, large calendar and power storage display in one, demonstrating the practical performance of the watch.

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Mother of pearl shell plate is simple and pure. The hour sign is made of 11 diamonds inlaid on the bracket, which is eye-catching. Sedna? 18K Gold hour hand, minute hand and second hand are covered with white super luminova luminous coating. It is very convenient to observe time even in dark environment.

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Summary: according to Xi Hengli, who is also preparing for the store celebration of Xidan shopping mall, in addition to some discounts on some forms, there are discount activities on Friday, Saturday and Sunday that consume 20 yuan of cash coupon with a rebate of more than 200 yuan. Watch friends who like haoya or other brands may come to have a look. (photo / Jing Nan, history and Literature)

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