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Replica Cartier watches comment

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The back cover of the watch adopts the classic two window back transparent design, through which you can see the charm of the movement. This watch is equipped with an automatic on chain movement to ensure the accuracy of timing and travel time. In addition, this wristwatch is available in black or brown leather strap and fashionable Milanese wristband.

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Once launched at this years watch show, this watch has attracted wide attention because it is equipped with the original 37 movement of grassuti, which has been highly praised by the industry for a long time, and once again shows the brands excellent technology to watch lovers. In 2014, the 37 movements of the MP calendar Chronograph first appeared, creating a new movement series. 37 movement has extraordinary performance. With as few parts as possible, it covers the complex functions such as big calendar, 70 hour power storage, 30 minute and 12 hour timing, flight back timing and so on, which are the embodiment of the core technology of the brand at present.

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Conclusion: four kinds of color wristwatches can be purchased in the exclusive shop, and can be ordered if they are out of stock. In addition, we also saw the 2016 Yubo Ferrari cooperation and most of the new products on 2017 brand exhibition. It can be seen that there are various kinds of watches in the store at this time. Watch friends who like Yubo watch money or plan to buy watch in the near future can go shopping. (photo / Jing Nan, history and Literature)

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