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    [maurice lacroix square wheel]Bremont ALT1-C 43mm Mens Watch

    时间:2020-12-21 11:49:34 作者:admin 热度:99℃
    ZF Factory

    With a focus on producing immensely precise, reliable and durable watches, Bremonts timepieces are inspired by a love of flying historic aircrafts, watches and all things mechanical. Tested to the highest standard, Bremonts timepieces will perform beyond the call of duty.

    Each timepiece is designed to appeal to those who share Bremonts passion for, and appreciation of the innovation and mastery behind watchmaking.

    The ALT1-C integrates high performance and precision with impeccable style. Showcasing a 43mm hardened stainless steel Bremont Trip-Tick construction case, a fixed bezel, and a stunning cream dial.

    Other features include -

    Calibre 13 1/4 BE-50AE automatic movement.

    42 hour power reserve.

    Complications - Chronograph and Date.

    Brown leather strap.

    Sweeping seconds hand.

    DLC treated case barrel.

    Case back - stainless steel with integrated flat crystal.

    100 metres water resistant.

    C.O.S.C chronometer tested.

    Discover the full Bremont collection.

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