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    [replica iwc]TAG Heuer Link 32mm Ladies Watch WBC1312.BA0600

    时间:2020-12-21 11:49:33 作者:admin 热度:99℃
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    The TAG Heuer Link collection is synonymous with the brands high performance, beautifully crafted innovation. Designed for the glamorous world of competitive motor racing, these watches stand the test of time.

    Beautifully designed and equipped with cutting-edge timekeeping technology, this TAG Heuer Link Ladies Watch is a modern timepiece for those who appreciate both classic good looks and high-performance engineering.

    Driven by a powerful quartz automatic movement and housed within a 32mm stainless steel case, the distinctive mother of pearl dial is defined by the elegant use of diamonds at the hour markers. Protected by scratch-resistant sapphire glass, the display also features a date window at 3 oclock.

    A sophisticated, high-shine steel bracelet completes the look and allows for a secure fit.

    Discover the full TAG Heuer collection.

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