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    [GM Factory]Omega De Ville Tresor 36mm Ladies Watch O42858366002001

    时间:2020-12-21 11:49:33 作者:admin 热度:99℃
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    Forward thinking and confident, the Tresor collection from OMEGA takes inspiration from past collections while creating a truly unique design style with a contemporary touch.

    Protected by a domed sapphire crystal glass, the opaline silver lacquered dial of this Ladies De Ville Tresor timepiece is organised with 18ct Sedna gold Roman numerals and matching hands.

    Housed by a striking 36mm stainless steel case with diamond paving along each side, this luxury design is complete with a smart grey leather strap.

    At the heart of this timepiece behind the mirrored case back decorated with a Her Time pattern, the OMEGA calibre 4061 quartz movement delivers exceptional performance and has a Long Life feature to maximise the life of the battery.

    Discover the full range of Omega watches.

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